All You Need to Know About V-shape Face Treatment

V-shape Face Treatment

The v-shaped face is an attribute that a significant number of women across Asia desire  because of the fact that it’s often associated with femininity, beauty, and youthfulness.  However, due to water retention, bulky jaw muscles, fat, ultraviolet light exposure, and so  on, the face becomes wider as well as broader. Because of the said factors, achieving the v shaped face becomes close to impossible.

Fortunately, thanks to v-shape face treatment by means of chin fillers in Singapore,  individuals who yearn for that v-shaped face can achieve it in a jiffy.

Now, if the whole thing is quite new to you; you came to the right place. This write-up aims  to explain this cutting-edge and talked-about aesthetic treatment. Read on for details.

What are chin fillers?

Chin fillers are injectables that are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occuring  substance in the body. In the treatment, the fillers are–as the term implies–injected under  the chin, and they also break down naturally over time.

Some studies suggest that they can get the skin cells around it to also make collagen. Fillers  can do a great job of smoothing out your face’s unevenness and giving it a v-shaped look.  They can also make a “weak” or “retracted” chin look better.

How is v-shape face treatment performed?

Firstly, it’s important that your treating doctor perform an examination and talk to you  about the results of your treatment. It should be clear what shape the chin is going to have,

how much chin fillers in Singapore are needed, and how the whole operation is going to be  done.

The goals of treatment should be to make a small change toward a v-shaped profile and to  bring the rest of the face into balance. To achieve them, the practitioner who’s going to  perform the v shape face treatment is going to take into account the unique shape as well  as features of your face. As a general rule, a stronger and longer chin doesn’t always make  you look better.

Next, different cutting-edge as well as tried and tested tools are going to be used in the  process of chin augmentation to help achieve a balanced face profile. This is going to give  more accurate results. Here, the doctor is going to apply the “golden ratio” where the  nasomental line 2 is scrupulously checked from your side view. This is the line that goes  from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin.

This line is 4 mm behind the upper lip and 2 mm behind the lower lip. In most Asians, the  chin is short and pushed down. So, fillers should be used to make the chin stick out both  forward and down.

Afterward, a numbing cream or ice pack should be put on your chin area. To get projection  and balance, chin fillers can be put in with a needle or a cannula. Last but not least, it’s  important for your doctor to shape the fills to get the shape you want and to help the  tissues blend together for a natural look.

What to expect after treatment

Fillers in the chin can make the face look longer. During the whole process to add filler to  your chin, the doctor will first find the center of your face. Once they know where the  middle of your face is, they can put fillers in your chin to make it longer. The patient’s face  will look instantly longer and in the shape of a v.

In the first two weeks, doctors do tell their patients not to touch the area. Since the fillers  haven’t fully set yet, the area might change shape or move. If the right amount is put in,  chin fillers will look very natural.

Summing up

In the end, achieving the v-shaped chin of your dreams is well within reach thanks to v shape face treatment through chin fillers in Singapore. With the said treatment, you can  achieve a more balanced facial profile that can improve your self confidence and more.

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