How to choose your facial cleanser?

facial cleanser

A good facial cleanser is essential to display clear and healthy skin. Exit the soap: there are now much more appropriate treatments not only for your skin type, but also for your age. Laboté experts reveal how to choose the best cleanser for oily, sensitive or acne-prone skin.

What type of facial cleanser do you prefer?

Because it prepares your skin to receive its care, the facial cleanser occupies a  strategic position in your beauty routine . All the difficulty is to succeed in ridding your skin of its impurities without upsetting its fragile balance.

Whether it’s a  facial cleanser for sensitive skin or a cleanser for oily skin , there are many different cleansers on the market today. But in reality, only a handful of them are suitable for everyday use.

Foaming detergents  : although pleasant, their foaming power is likely to cause long-term dryness.

Micellar waters  : composed mainly of surfactants, they are to be avoided if you are looking for a good facial cleanser for dry or sensitive skin.

Cleansing milks  : appreciated by delicate skin, they can however leave occlusive residues on the surface of the skin if they are not rinsed off.

Cleansing waters or floral waters  : generally well tolerated by the skin, they are only less effective on make-up and excess sebum.

Cleansing oils  : this is the best facial cleanser known to date. Both gentle and effective, they have an optimal affinity with the lipid profile of the skin.

Our Floral Infusion is an essential make-up remover and cleansing oil for all skin types. Its skilfully balanced composition removes impurities without attacking your skin and without leaving a greasy film. Following a diagnosis of your skin , our Doctors in Pharmacy formulate it to measure to provide a targeted response to the problems of your skin type.

The tailor-made floral infusion

Personalized Cleansing Oil. Choose your perfume from our natural scents coming directly from Grasse or opt for the fragrance-free formula if you are pregnant.

Clean sensitive skin

The  hydrolipidic film of sensitive skin  is not “covering” enough to protect it from external aggressions. Instead of taking the form of a uniform film, it resembles a net whose meshes allow aggressions to pass through. It is therefore regularly found with  redness, tightness or overheating.

So that the  ritual of cleansing the skin  does not turn into an aggravating factor, the  facial cleanser for  reactive dry or dehydrated skin must be particularly gentle.

Avoid products overloaded with irritating ingredients (surfactants, preservatives, perfumes, etc.). We recommend that you use a very simple cleansing oil  to respect the surface balance of your skin and strengthen its lipid barrier.

Forget make-up remover cotton pads. Their friction may increase the sensations of discomfort in your skin. Nothing beats the softness of your fingers! If necessary , accompany your routine with very soft washable wipes .

Adopting excessive hygiene is the best way to alter your already weakened hydrolipidic film. Limit the use of your  face wash for sensitive skin to evening . In the morning, a  spray of floral water  is more than enough.

Make sure your face wash for sensitive skin contains blueberry. Rich in polyphenols, it excels in soothing minor irritations.

Which facial cleanser for oily skin?

If you have oily skin, you’re prone to breakouts, uneven skin texture, and  large pores . At the origin of this phenomenon: an  excess of sebum  due to an overactivity of your sebaceous glands.

It is therefore a question of  finding the right facial cleanser  to  regulate your sebaceous secretions  without depriving your skin of its protective film.

Do not try to “degrease” your skin. Cleaning products  that are too harsh  will delipidate its surface and encourage it to produce even more sebum to protect itself. It’s a vicious circle !

Avoid irritating preparations  (sulfur, for example), often present in a classic oily skin cleanser. Despite its thickness, seborrheic skin is very sensitive.

The use of a  cleansing oil is particularly suitable for oily skin . Thanks to its lipid profile, it perfectly eliminates dirt without depriving the skin of its protective sebum. Ultimately, it encourages the skin to rebalance itself.

To personalize your  cleanser for oily skin , Laboté experts recommend Green Tea. Astringent and purifying, it tightens pores and prevents the formation of imperfections.

Clean blemished skin

Skin with imperfections is nothing more than  oily skin with a tendency to retention . Instead of distributing normally on the surface of the skin, the sebum remains blocked in the pores. There, it becomes the site of inflammation and bacterial colonization causing  several types of pimples  (blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, etc.).

A  good facial cleanser for acne-prone skin  is therefore called upon to deeply purify the skin to prevent clogging of pores.

As in the case of skin with fluent seborrhea,  flee from delipidating, aggressive or irritating substances .

When applying your cleanser, use light strokes with your fingertips so you do  n’t pop your pimples .

Once a week, be sure to  unclog your pores  with a clay mask or  mild acid exfoliant .

A green tea cleansing oil is the ideal option. For optimal effectiveness on your comedones, follow it with a  moisturizing serum with Bakuchiol (anti-aging and highly purifying) and a  Day Cream enriched with detoxifying Wild Pansy.

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